Own Worst Enemy

When 2016 started I thought back to the last few years. I found after leaving university i was so much more creative and pushed myself further to do more artwork and i was always inspired. This slowly disappeared and gradually my own creativity and inspiration became less and less. Doubts become filling your mind and society makes you feel that all you need in life is your ‘own bought house’, ‘a sensible job’ and then for some ‘a family’. But is that all life is about? Because of the way society is, we find ourselves getting stuck in a rut and then eventually regretting the things we didn’t do. In reality it’s us that’s stopping ourselves. We shoot ourselves in the back with the thoughts we have.

Own Worst Enemy

When we were kids we wanted to be astronauts, teachers, see the world, become a lion tamer because we were encouraged to use our imagination. As you get older this seems not to be the case. We look at the people who still have that passion and imagination as crazy until they hit their goal. The above image was inspired by this thought. The bird holds the bow with which the arrows were shot from. So why didn’t it drop it’s load and just fly away?

Forever Blowing Bubbles

As humans we have this tendency of letting these things happen. We sit their letting our lives take over instead of controlling what we want no what we’re told that we want. The image above is based around our innocence, how we feel controlled by society to burn our inspirations and our ideas to conform in a boring world and we don’t realise we’re doing it until it’s too late.

Already this year I can feel my imagination and motivation coming back and can’t wait to see any adventures and opportunities that may arise.

Thanks again for reading 🙂

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