The Real ‘School of Rock’

We have all seen the film ‘School of Rock’ where Jack Black shows off his crazy metal loving persona teaching Children how to play heavy riffs and sing like Ronnie James Dio, but did you know that a school like this actually exists?

Over in Ohio, USA, ‘The O’Keefe Music Foundation‘ is based. A non-profit organisation composed by volunteers whose aim is to bring young talented musicians to a global audience. Founded by Aaron O’Keefe (our very own Jack Black).

I first heard of this foundation when my boyfriend showed me this video of their cover of ‘Tool’ below. It completely struck me how talented these children were.

Unfortunately it wasn’t until last year, when  I randomly received an email from the Director ‘Aaron O’Keefe’, who asked me if i was interested in designing the promotional poster for the release of the Foundation’s first EP. I couldn’t believe it and jumped at the chance. Giving me full artistic freedom with the only words ‘Children’ and ‘Tool’, I got researching. I filled pages of ideas and finally came up with the image below.

Okeefe Music
Poster design for the ‘O’Keefe Music Foundation’

I wanted to look at the organic structure of the brain and related this to Tool’s song ’46 and 2′ about the evolution of DNA. Mixing in the idea of a hard path such as the labyrinth but the outcome being the music which has grown creatively from our minds.

After finishing this piece I received some amazing feedback from the staff and children and was honoured to be given a signed poster from all the Kids involved. Such an amazing gesture from a set of amazingly talented youngsters 🙂

Please check ‘The O’Keefe Music Foundation’ out on their website here and give them a follow on their Youtube Channel and Facebook

My recent posts have been about the artists I’ve been working with but if you have anything else you think I should post about or anything you would like to find out about me or any techniques please let me know 🙂

Thanks again for reading

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