Collaborations and Zines

One thing I’ve always loved is magazines and homemade zines. The layout, the imagery and that sense of reading something new and underground. The mix of photography, illustration and writing all collaborated together just sums up perfection. I own so many stored away in my archive of a bookshelf. Unfortunately I have never made one myself. A few years ago I gave it a go and hope that one day I will finish it. Heres the preview below

But most of all I enjoy the collaboration with other artists and creatives. A few years back I found a zine called ‘Veal’ which can be found here. The owner of this zine had an awesome idea where he would give people a brief and they would use it to inspire and create a piece of artwork. This issue was skulls. My piece can be found on page 20

It’s such an amazing idea and something I’d love to do myself. Missing the days at college and university where you got to see how your fellow students interpreted the same project as you was phenomenal.

We have so many creatives in this world that don’t get noticed or don’t have that encouragement to publish their work for others to see. I personally would love to see everyones ideas and thoughts.

So my question is would you guys be interested? If I was to provide a brief for us all to work on, just once a month. You can use any medium you want. Make it as big or small as you please. It can be sent as a photo or a digital file and I will put it together into an online zine to show the world. I will advertise your links next to your image so that people can see your other work too.

So let me know 🙂 The more the merrier! Also any ideas on the first subject you would like to see?

Thanks again for reading and I hope this is something that you or a friend would like to take part in 🙂

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  1. riannamelia says:

    This sounds cool! Im a photographer and am looking to get my creative juices flowing again so this would be interesting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you want to be involved 🙂 keep an eye out on the blog I will be posting the brief and requirements on the 1st march 🙂


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