Keep your eyes peeled.


So this week I’ve been organising a few ideas for future blog posts and I must say I’ve managed to gather together some amazing Illustrators and crafts people, who will be featured very soon, as part of an ‘artist feature’ section of this blog. I’m so excited!

Alongside this I will be posting the brief for the online zine on 1st March. So if any of you are interested please do join in. The earlier blog post can be found here.  I’ve had some wonderful feedback so far and was so pleased to see one of my closest friends pick up her sketchbook again after such a long time. Can’t wait to see the art that you all come up with.

I’ve also added a link section to my blog, which can be found here. On this page I’ve put a list of inspiring blogs and websites which focus around art and creatives. Many of them are easy to submit work to, show events and features so if you have a little bit of time check them out.

I want this blog to be more open than just articles of my own work and adventures. My aim is to feature other artists, musicians and creatives. Bringing together more unknown sources and create an interesting culture blog, because to be honest it would be boring just to hear about me.

Thank you again for reading and if any of you are interested in the ‘artist feature’ section or the ‘online zine’ please get in touch 🙂 I don’t bite 🙂

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