In a creative rut?

So those days, weeks, months appear as a creative where you just can’t find motivation. You struggle to form a sentence or draw a line and god how frustrating is it? The feeling of not being able to do the thing you most enjoy is devastating and that feeling of ‘I’ve lost it!’ starts flooding your mind. Well we all have it. Sometimes its best just to let it be.

I’ve always found that taking my mind away and learning something new can bring that creativity back. Whilst on twitter today I found a link to a site that I wanted to share. Now I know I’m a little late on the bandwagon but here we go….Skillshare

Skillshare is a website dedicated to creatives. It holds loads of classes from art, web design, music and film etc.. With loads of teachers on there to teach fun and exciting new projects for you to enrol on or even become a teacher of your craft. How cool is that?

Skillshare provides a premium service with a monthly charge of $8-$10 depending on your plan where 50% of the proceedings go to the teachers but if you’re unsure whether to delve into your savings straight away then you can sign up for free and try out a few of the classes beforehand and join in with community projects.

Haha so it sounds like a promotion ad but so far after checking out a few of the videos I’m already on my way to sign up. I’ve always been a person who needs to learn more and keep my mind active and I know that theres many more people out there who want to do the same. So if you’re ever in that creative block, just give this link a go 🙂 You won’t regret it.

Thanks again for reading and give my lil post The first zine brief a read. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to get creating again 🙂

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