A Belated Mother’s Day Artist Feature

Yesterday was one of those days that makes you realise how important your family and friends are. Not because it was the national day of mother’s day but because of unexpected circumstances that arose. Our family was drawn together because of a crisis and it was amazing to see how close we all were and how much support people can give. Family is not all about bloodline, its about the people who arise in situations like this and are there to talk, support and help when you’re in real need. Sometimes you forget this but yesterday reminded me how much I love each one of these people and couldn’t wish for a better family.

My mum, my best friend, my inspiration. This woman is one of the strongest people I know and the person who has supported me through every decision I have made. She’s been there to bring me up and teach me the needed morals I learned with her ‘work hard, party hard’ attitude and her amazing imaginative streak. She’s always pushed me to do better in my artwork with her ‘That’s shit, do it again’ quote. Which always left me angry until I realised she was right 🙂 She’s my number one supporter always posting my newest work and promoting me. Most of all she’s my inspiration.


My mum, Natalie Bruce is a freelance Portrait, Pet and Landscape Artist who works in pencil and astonishing oils. The detail that goes into this work is just beautiful, catching the essence of the person or pet involved in every brush stroke. She is definitely one to look out for.

Natalie has been drawing since she was a wee lass. Born in Manchester she spent a majority of the time drawing portraits for her class mates and took night classes with her mum where she gained her O’Level and A’Level at the early ages of 12 and 13 year old. How amazing is that?

Natalie went on to do a College Diploma at Rochdale College, creating amazing clothing and designs. Inspired by the fashion that surrounded her in the city and the underground independent shops. I still remember the awesome costumes she made me and my brother for christmas parties and Book Days.


Natalie now lives in Mirfield, West Yorkshire with her family. Working a full time job, she continues to work freelance. She has created portraits of Dame Judy Dench and Tony Blair but loves to paint pet portraits and Landscapes and feature in local coffee shops and exhibitions.


Just last year, I was able to work together on an amazing project with her. On our first ever Mural for an Elderly Home in Mirfield. We spent two solid nights, pushing each other through the fatigue and keeping ourselves in high spirits as we worked on something new to both of us. If it wasn’t for our strong bond, I’m not sure we could have got through those nights. You can read more about this mural here.

The finished project was better than we both imagined. The response was even more astonishing! We couldn’t believe it. 


So here’s to my mum for all the support she’s given me. I hope we can work on more projects together and I wish her the best in her art in the future. I know she’ll smash any task given to her. Being brought up by such a creative person inspires you every day. So Thank you 🙂

Please take your time to check out Natalie Bruce’s artwork on her Facebook and her instagram it would mean an awful lot 🙂

Thank you again for reading and if you’re feeling inspired check out my post The first zine brief where you can join in on a project I’m putting together. Also if you’d like to feature just give me an email on nlaillustration@hotmail.co.uk

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