Inspirational Bloggers – Natasha Aldred

A little throwback to an old interview with the lovely Kimmy Keep Real. Thank you again for the feature 🙂 Kimmy Keep Real is a mental Wellness Blogger and is definitely one to look out for. Check her and her brand Keep Real out.

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wpid-img_20150615_113823.jpgHere is a wonderful segment I’ve been really excited to do ‘Inspirational Bloggers – The Interviews’ There are some beautiful and incredible people behind the blogs I
follow, and what a better way to celebrate how they inspire me by doing a little interview with them!

wpid-img_20150615_115345.jpg Photo courtesy of Natasha Aldred ❤

My first interview is with Natasha Aldred, (check her blog out here!) who is an insanely talented Illustrator based in Yorkshire, UK. Her works are inspired by alternative fashion to tattoos, photography and music- amongst many other things! I’m lucky enough to call her a dear friend of mine. Such a beautiful person inside and out with such talent and compassion.

Here is the interview, links to her work are below! Please take time to check her out and follow her through her artwork adventures!

1) What initially made you want to start blogging?


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