‘Never stop dreaming’

A lil Sunday Catch up.

This week has been busy busy busy 🙂 It started with a lovely feature post from Hannah f Brown which you can find here. After the lovely response I am glad to announce that I have another ‘Aldred’s Artist’s‘ post for you on Tuesday. So keep your eyes peeled.

I’ve also been contacting quite a few interesting creatives who I can’t wait to show you. Each one brings a very different style to their work and outstanding detail. As well as being contacted by a small business to be featured on their site. (This one is under wraps for now but I will be featuring them on my blog very soon.)

The Zine Collaboration has been forefront on my mind this week and I can announce that it will be named ‘Never Stop


I’ve set up an account on the publishing website Issuu where I will publish this online zine. Here’s the Link.

So working on the brief of ‘Dreams‘ I started thinking about what dreams meant to me. For me dreams are ‘what you want to be’, ‘what you want to achieve’ in your lifetime. Sometimes those dreams are stopped and obstacles get in the way but you have to ‘never stop’ pursuing them. I thought about my favourite song ‘Eva Cassidy- Somewhere Over the rainbow’ and the lyrics ‘Bluebirds fly over the rainbow, so why oh why can’t I’.

These lyrics have always been inspirational to me and has pushed me forward to continue with my art even though things may get in the way. It’s these lyrics that have inspired me to start drawing this.


It’s not yet finished and I have so much more detail and colour to add but If you would like to take part please check out the Zine Brief

So I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of your Sunday night and thanks again for reading.

Don’t forget ‘Never Stop Dreaming’ 🙂


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