City Escape

Some days it’s just nice to get away from your every day life. To escape and visit somewhere new or one of the places which brings you inspiration. I find cities can be the perfect place to find new inspiration, meet new people or see something new. They’re full of opportunities and culture and even through the hectic movement of the people around you, you can find so many nooks and crannies worth hiding away in. Places which energise your mind and help you to relax and find new ideas.

I’m off to Edinburgh this week for that much needed holiday and I absolutely can’t wait. The thought of being in a new city is exciting and I will be looking for as many new experiences and sights to rejuvenate and inspire my mind.

When I got writing for this post I instantly started reminiscing about my time in New York and the places I got to visit. Taking my camera everywhere with me so I could hold on to memories. The amazing galleries, Brooklyn, street art and the people we met. Here are just a few of the pictures I took there.

New York was beautiful and so much better once you get away from the main streets of Manhattan. There is so much to see if you’re willing to explore. On the last night me and my friend fell upon a small underground theatre after venturing over to see the graffiti and all of a sudden we were inside speaking to the entertainers and watching amazing creatives perform their talents. It truly made us fall in love with the city.

So where are your favourite places? Is there anywhere you’ve always wanted to visit?

If you have any cool advice on where to go in Edinburgh, any unique little bars or streets that people don’t know about then please let me know. Obviously I’ll be doing some touristy things but I really want to explore 🙂

Toodles 🙂

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