Warning! At any moment I may snap!

So what is the title about? Well a few weeks ago I received a lovely Facebook message of a Final Year Photography student based at University of Huddersfield. They were looking for an artist to help them design a t-shirt which they could sell to fundraise for their Final year Exhibition which will take place on 10th June 2016.

I gladly took up the offer and the chance to help some new creatives as they venture into the art world. Graduating from university and taking your baby steps into the real world can be daunting, especially when your trying to push yourself and your art out there for others to see.

So they gave me the brief. An image of a camera with a funny quote. As some of you may know I have quite a collection of old cameras, so with this in mind I went to them for reference and took on the challenge of typography in the aim to improve in this art form.

Here was the final outcome

T-shirt design for Huddersfield University Photography Exhibition

I am now proud to see my design on the T-shirts which you can buy here

If you like the design please show them some support and help them on their way to producing an awesome end of year exhibition where they can celebrate and show the world their progress and talent 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 18.44.54


Thanks again for reading

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