Taking time to ‘Stop Motion’

As an Illustrator I love creating, but as a perfectionist everything has to be perfect. This can make creating somewhat difficult when you always feel the need to only show your best work. So the other day I sat down to do something silly. Working on a new technique and process that you haven’t used before allows you to make mistakes, without that worry of looking stupid. I remember being at college where everything was new. We all experimented loads and never worried about making mistakes because we were still learning. So I took my mind back to college. I reminisced about an animation we made with toys using stop motion. I looked around my studio finding little DC Lego figures and proceeded to head back to my college years. I set up a little white background and took many photos of a lego batman in different positions. Taking a break I put the photos into iMovie and saw how they came together. Running downstairs to show my boyfriend I was so excited even though I knew it looked hilarious and amateur. When he saw it he wanted to join in and working together we finished the first little clip. Even though I knew very little about the process it was nice to teach what I’d found to him.

So here’s the clip. It’s only basic. It’s very amateur but it’s just a little fun. Something to let my hair down and not take seriously 🙂

Thanks again for reading.
Toodles 🙂
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  1. At which point, all four of the horse’s legs are afloat ^_^

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