Now Do You See?

So this is my first animated music video….. I’m a little bit over the moon!! 🙂

“Now Do You See?” is the title of Huddersfield based Spoken Word Artist ‘P.O.P.E’s latest track which you can find here. Together we have been contemplating creating a music video for this track and it wasn’t until yesterday that we finally came together on an exciting idea of stop motion animation.

A few weeks ago I re-discovered stop motion through memories of college and gave in to experimenting it with a batman lego piece which you can find here. Even though it felt amateur I still loved the final result as you can read in my post. After seeing the result Jamie aka P.O.P.E agreed that it would fit perfectly for this track and we began work.

Only using items within our home and backdrops we created our characters and props and began photographing each stage of the video before beginning the editing and animation progress. We spent a full day putting together the video with time flying by as we enjoyed every minute of it.

I won’t tell you what the video is about as we would like to leave it to your interpretation.

Here is the final result 🙂

If you want to find out more about this artist check out my last interview with P.O.P.E here and my last feature here.

Check out his youtube for some other  videos and a link to his soundcloud for more tracks:)

Thanks again for reading.
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