Iron Mouse

I’ve been recently going through bit of a decluttering stage (which is still in progress) and stumbled across an old piece of artwork that I gave my boyfriend.


The artwork was a character I’d designed called Iron Mouse. A tall psychotic man who wore a tiny crop top from his younger years and underpants. He always wears rubber gloves as he’s terrified of getting dirt on his hands and always covers up his fingerprints. (He is paranoid that the government is always watching him.) His favourite food is Lucky Charms and that is all he ever eats. His scars came from an accident a few years ago and his make-up….. well he hasn’t told me why he wears it. His iron is his protection, the irony is he has an iron deficiency.

When I saw this image after so long I had the urge to adapt it. Working with the original image I’ve put together some basic poses and want to push this character further and learn more about him. Here are the sketches I’ve been working on.


If you’d like to see more of ‘Iron Mouse’ please let me know 🙂
Thanks again for reading.
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