Art Print Sale!

If you follow any of my social media accounts you will have noticed that I’ve been working on quite a few new pieces of illustration work recently. I’ve been feeling a lot more creative and it’s been showing in my work whilst I’ve been creating more personal pieces that I’ve been happy with. Alongside these I’ve put together a little zine which I can’t wait to show you and all of which I’m hoping to sell in my big cartel store. Before I can do all this though I need to boost my funds to get decent prints. So…. to do this I am selling off my last signed prints at a sale price of £3 with free postage and packaging. I will not be reproducing any of these prints so they are indeed the last ones left.

Sale copy

Once these are all gone I will be updating my shop with a bunch of brand new limited edition prints all signed and numbered along with my zine. A fresh new start!

If you would like to help or just fancy a new piece of art for your home you can find out what’s in my sale by clicking the store button above or clicking the link just here

Thanks again for reading.
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