A productive week

So what have I been upto this last week. Well it all started after I received an email from Collective Arts Brewing, a business over in Canada who aims to fuse the creativity of craft beer with inspired talents of emerging artists, musicians and filmmakers. The email asked if I would be interested submitting some work for their series 7 competition which would then be judged and if chosen printed on their ale bottles. So without further ado I quickly began working on a piece. Keeping in mind the success of Suicide Squad and the main figure Harlequin, I decided to put together my own little twist. The finished piece can be found below.


After showing one of my colleagues at work this piece and mentioning a few ideas I had for other designs I was challenged to draw ‘Bowzer’ from Super Mario. I quickly accepted this challenge, already with an image already in my head and knowing I had a day off work, I began sketching. Soon enough and with a help from my wacom tablet, which is helping the digital collage so much easier I speedily came up with a beautiful but fearsome Bowzer.


As you may all have seen I’ve been working on a character called Iron Mouse and have recently had an idea to try and animate him. So trying out my new tablet for the first time I put together a small short animation which I hope to adapt on in the future

So with an extremely productive week which is yet to be over I want to finish with a quick bit of photography I put together.


Thanks again for reading.
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