This past week has been a strange one and I’m feeling a little bit zombie-fied. As some of you who know me well I recently said goodbye to the shop I’ve spent many interesting years in and with some amazing people. Last week was pack up week as we shut the doors for the final time and started boxing every little bit of stock and shelf we had left until it was completely empty. I would be lying if i didn’t say it felt weird. A night out with friends on friday and saying our final goodbyes (although I’m sure I’ll see most of them again soon) was something I never thought would happen. The realisation of not having a separate job to my illustration work is quite daunting but I feel lucky that ‘Inktober’ has now arrived spurring me full of inspiration and ideas for upcoming artwork.

A few years ago in uni, me and a friend decided to do a random zombie pin up shoot, it was a great laugh and I got some awesome photos from it. So when day one of inktober/ drawlloween arrived this year, I was excited to see the first word was ‘zombie’ and knew just then that I would be using my photos for reference. The image below was my final outcome.


So back to not having a day job. Well I’ve signed up for a supply teacher agency. Crazy I know and after waking up bright and early and again feeling like the picture above. I received no calls until this afternoon. Next week I’ll be a cover supervisor at a high school, just for one day but an awesome start. I can’t wait but also scared to my hereby jeebies!!!

It’s a little crazy how one awful thing can lead to other amazing opportunities and I’m excited to follow this adventure.

I’m also excited to say that I’ve recently written a post which will be featuring on the beautiful blog ‘The Duck And The Owl‘. I’ll let you all know when it’s published but please go check out this lovely blog based on creativity.

Anyways toodles for now and I wish you all the best in your very own adventures.

Thanks again for reading.

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