An Unexpected Journey

Last Year was a weird year but also a creative year. I was very much all over the place. After saying goodbye to a job I’d been in for ages I was determined to try something new, and after doing bit of supply teaching and the hustle and bustle of a Christmas temp job, I fell on my feet with a job I think I love. Most Illustrators always have a part time job and I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity of ‘Activity Co-ordinator’ at a lovely residential home for the elderly with learning difficulties.

Since starting I’ve already been on quite bit of training, gaining certificates in what I can only say are going to be life skills. I’ve got to know some amazing characters already and are fortunate to be the one who creates events and activities to continue in bringing a fun and interesting life to them. It feels so rewarding.

So that’s the reason why I’ve been so quiet recently on the art front, but while I’m getting settled in my new role, I will start bringing this page and my media counts back to life.

Recently I received an email from Aaron O’Keefe who is the founder of O’Keefe Music Foundation. This organisation based in Ohio teaches children how to play music, real rock music. You may know that over a year ago I designed a poster for this charity to promote their LP and can find more about them and the poster in this link.

So in regards to this email I have been asked to design their 12inch Record Cover and Sleeves to their new Tool Battle Record. Words can’t even describe how excited I am but my smile can. I’m over the moon to be working with this lovely charity again and can’t wait to show you all the final result. So expect some ‘work in progress’ sketches peeping up over my social media accounts.

Anyways toodles for now and I wish you all the best in your very own adventures.

Thanks again for reading.

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