I want change!

It’s been a struggle lately to believe in myself and my artwork. I love creating imagery for you all to see but even though the artist has this ‘I’m only doing art for myself’ idea in their head. It’s sometimes hard to block out that feeling off failing or not being appreciated for the amount of effort that may have gone into a piece. It can sometimes be frustrating and I’m trying my hardest to block those feelings out.

I have a love/ hate relationship with social media. I love the ability it gives us to find inspiring creative artists but you have to hunt through all the self obsessed selfies and pictures of food to find something that should really deserves the likes. When you see some-ones picture of a burger get a ridiculous amounts of likes, whilst your illustration that took 8hrs to do gets 5, it makes my heart sink for humanity.

As an Illustrator, it’s not all about money or fame. It’s about knowing people actually appreciate your work and want you to make more. It’s about knowing you’re making a difference to some-one’s life. This is why I want from this day forward to help out more brands and charities and use my style to provide creativity in other people’s lives.

My portfolio can be found on this site. If you feel my style could help you with your organisation then send me a message. I want to help make that difference.

I am putting together a monthly newsletter which will alongside this blog, email you updates and upcoming news- subscribe here


Thanks again for reading and don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Let’s make a difference

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